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Álvaro S. Rodríguez

Born in Valladolid in 1990, Álvaro became engaged in the arts from a very young age, using photography to express his vision of the world. At the age of 22 he started training as a photographer at GrisArt in Barcelona. At the same time he began taking on professional jobs including portraits, dance performances and fashion shoots. At the age of 25, after finishing his photography degree, he began his career as an assistant to Marcelo Isaurralde, participating in numerous advertising jobs. The following year he started working as a photographic retoucher in the Catalan company Fotoempresas and eventually went on to work in the production team.

Recently, he has turned to a freelance career as a means of distancing himself from commercial photography and to instead focus on his true vocation: dance and portraiture. He has begun a new chapter as an assistant to the photographer Carmen Masía, in addition to projects alongside other photographers and artists.